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Brandon Smith excels in traditional oil painting, capturing street scenes, landscapes, and still life with genuine artistry. Welcoming commissions, he tailors his work to individual tastes. Born and raised in San Luis Obispo, he has returned to the Central Coast after 25 years living in the Bay Area. Brandon has been a faculty member of the Fine Art department at the Academy of Art University since 2003. He is a committed educator, imparting not only technical expertise but also a passion for the artistic process.

Brandon's work combines technical mastery with an appreciation and connection to the beauty of everyday scenes. His paintings become windows into moments—capturing the play of light on a street corner, the vast serenity of a landscape, or the quiet beauty of a still life. Through his art, Brandon Smith invites viewers to share in the enchanting tapestry of his artistic vision.


Brandon Smith is one of those artists that can paint almost anything, which explains why he is in high demand as an instructor. If you want to paint something, Brandon can help you. His passion for art and ability to develop other painter's talents has kept him busy since 2003 and brought him to historic centers of art around the world. I asked Brandon, "How do you spend so much time teaching others then reach deep down to find the excitement to pick up a brush on your own?" His answer - he explores a theme and when he turns the theme into a series, the desire to build that series drives him on. As a local Arroyo Grande resident, we hope Brandon will stay close and play a collaborative role in building The Gallery's personality, direction and list of artists.



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