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Born amidst the picturesque landscapes of Rovigno, D'Istria, Italy (now Croatia), John Budicin's artistic journey has been a captivating journey. At the age of 11, he transplanted his roots to Southern California, where he would eventually carve out a legacy as a noted Plein Air artist.

After a substantial stint as a commercial artist and freelance illustrator, John Budicin seized the moment to follow his lifelong dream of becoming a Plein Air artist. But John's commitment to his craft doesn't stop at the canvas. He generously shares his wealth of knowledge and experience with eager artists, conducting workshops across the United States. John is also affiliated with esteemed associations like the Plein-Air Painters of America, the California Art Club, the Oil Painters of America, and the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association, standing as a recognized signature member, a testament to his outstanding contribution to the art world.

In the words of John himself, "I have always found painting outdoors to be exhilarating. Mother Nature is the best teacher, and if you make a commitment to be out there day after day, she will 'speak' to you." John's art speaks volumes: Each painting is a testament to John's unwavering commitment to capturing the world's beauty.


John Budicin’s paintings draw you in. His classic realism, matte finish and tonal precision gives the viewer a strong sense of atmosphere: You can feel the distance between here and there, be it a mountain peak, a sea-cliff or a worker in a cavernous winery warehouse. When you get close to the painting, you will see that John Budicin pushes/pulls paint along the form he is painting; like he is carving those crevices into the mountain with his brush. What mood do his paintings express to me? Calm. Put these painting were you want to relax and/or were you let your mind free to soar.



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