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Artist Randy Bolander’s commissioned works are held in numerous collections, have been featured in galleries and museums, and his water sculptures are sited in public and private institutions throughout the United States.

In 2003 Bolander co-founded and directed the West Edge Sculpture exhibition, staged in downtown Seattle; the largest independent sculpture exhibit in the Pacific Northwest. Through this 5 year endeavor and his 3 year commission with the Downtown Seattle Association to stage a winter holiday sculpture show, Bolander realized the direction he wanted to take his sculpture – interactive and accessible to a wider audience. “I became obsessed with designing the perfect water sculpture based on minimalist principles. The ideas just kept coming. One concept led to the next and before I knew it MODFOUNTAIN was born. By adhering to modern clean design, I was able to streamline the amount of materials, making modern sculpture available to a broader audience.”

Randy’s artistic influences are Kazimir Malevich, Eduardo Chillida, Richard Serra, Alexander Calder, Isamu Noguchi and contemporary friends and peers such as Robert Maki, Peter Millet and Gerard Tsutakawa.


"Of all his great work, Randy Bolander’s outdoor sculptures are my favorite. Outdoor spaces often need a focal point to pull you in, to create an axis or to add depth to a scene. Randy’s modern sculptures grab your attention in a garden. The clean lines and permanence of metal complement the intricacies and delicacy of the surrounding foliage. Adding moving water to the sculpture adds additional magic; masking other noises and creating a refreshing, healing space."



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