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Sergio Lopez is a distinguished California-based painter, renowned for his masterful command of various artistic mediums and his exceptional talent in capturing the beauty of the world around him. Since attending the Academy of Art in San Francisco, Sergio has firmly established himself as a prominent figure in the contemporary art scene. Sergio's versatility is truly remarkable, as he effortlessly navigates a diverse range of mediums, including oil painting, gouache, and charcoal sketching. Each medium becomes a conduit for his creative expression, allowing him to explore various techniques and produce captivating works of art.

One of Sergio's passions lies in Plein Air painting, a technique that involves creating art outdoors, capturing the essence of landscapes and natural beauty in real-time. This approach not only showcases his profound connection with nature but also infuses his artwork with a unique sense of immediacy and authenticity. With an unwavering commitment to his artistic vision and a deep appreciation for the world around him, Sergio Lopez continues to create captivating works of art that inspire, engage, and delight audiences nationwide.


"In Sergio Lopez’s work, I see his joy in visual expression and passion for conveying the beauty he finds around him. Sergio seems to effortlessly communicate through his brush. His art takes you on his journey. From the many awards Sergio has won in Plein Air competitions, we know that he paints swiftly. But you can also see it in his paintings, which have the confident brush strokes of a Joaquin Sorolla. And like Sorolla, he is a painter’s painter. Sergio has a mastery of tonal values that convey a true sense of the light. He judiciously edits the scene before him, creating a painterly piece that captures the essence of both the scene and the moment."



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