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Purchase Includes:

  • 2500 GPH non-clogging submersible pump

  • 25’ power cord

  • PVC fittings for water intake and pump connections


The Wave Series

PriceFrom $4,877.25
  • Randy Bolander - Sculptor

    My intent throughout my career as a sculptor is to bring large scale and monumental minimalist art/sculpture/fountains to the widest audience possible. To achieve this goal I primarily work in corten steel sheet which is similar to mild steel except that it's alloys include nickel, copper and chromium. These alloys protect the steel's iron and slows the rusting process, while resulting in gorgeous patinas. Corten is often used as architectural siding and in terms of sculpture is relatively low in cost allowing for procurement by a wider audience than traditional metal sculpture. The fountains I create are dramatic, compelling, scalable and instill a magnetic visceral connection with the viewer and the communities they live in. I've been told by Architects and Landscape Architects that they site my work because with or without water they are dramatic focal points that enhance their surroundings.

How is price determined?
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